What to Look for When Choosing The Best Snare Drum For Your Needs

Drummers are no exception when it comes to choosing the right playing instrument to suit their playing styles. Besides, each drummer has to create his unique drumming style to appeal to a particular audience. One of the top ways to do this is to get the right drum set. Choosing the right drum set is akin to picking the best shoe to match an outfit.

One of the best components of any drum set is snare drums. These drums create a dominant sound that should be used more than other components. Incorporating snare drums in your ensemble adds a clear, audible and legible sound that will help you create the rhythm and assist in counting. The best thing about these drums is you can use them to play any music genre. It is vital therefore that you make sure you choose the best quality snare drums that compliment your playing style.

Before you pick your drum set, make sure you compare the various sets and identify the benefits of each. Check out this comparison if you want to find a good snare drum for your purposes. Let us look at the features to look out for when buying these drums.

Materials The Snare Drums are Made Out of

These drums are made of different types of materials, both natural and artificial. Considering the material is important because it defines the sound quality regarding tones and pitch.

You can choose a shell made of natural wood, such as maple, bamboo or birch. Drums made of these materials produce a smooth yet loud sound and a tone laden with flavor. Drums made of metal shells, on the other hand, produce loud sound but the tone is high-pitched.

Choosing the right material will also depend on your level of expertise. If you are a beginner or an intermediate drummer, go for snare drums made out of metal shells.

With the material being so important, drum manufacturers have taken the idea a notch higher by coming up with shells made of other materials such as titanium.

The Dimensions of The drums in the Set

Both wooden and metallic shells have different applications when it comes to the genre. Therefore, choosing the material is not everything – you have to consider the dimension of the individual drums as well. The most common sizes for these drums are 5 – 6 inches in depth and 10-15 inches in width.

You need to know that different music genres also require different materials and dimensions. For instance, if you are a rock and roll drummer, you will most likely pick snare drums made out of metal shells measuring 14 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep. If you prefer jazz, go for a set that uses wooden shells to produce a sound that is smooth and not too loud. Therefore, make sure you go for materials and dimensions that produce a sound that will stand out for each performance.

The depth

The depth of the snare drum refers to the height of the drum when it is placed with the snare-side facing down. The diameter is vital since it influences the pitch of the snare drum. The deeper the drum, the lower the pitch.

The best attribute that the depth of this snare drum influences is the projection of the sound, also termed the power of the drum. The deeper the drum, the more power to expect from it. This means that a drum with a deeper diameter will project the sound over a wider area as compared to a drum with a shallow depth. You will be able to hear the sound from a deeper drum when you are seated at the back of the room, while it might be hard to hear the sound from a shallow drum when you are at the same point.

The depth of the snare drum ranges from 3 inches upwards. Long-term use of these drums has made drummers to give the drums unique names according to the depth. A snare drum with a depth of between 3 inches and 4.5 inches is termed a “Piccolo”; a drum with a depth of between 5 inches and 5.5 inches is termed “Standard,” while a drum with a depth of 6 inches and more is termed the “Deep.”

It is upon you to choose the diameter to match the depth you need depending on the genre you play and your audience. Choose wisely, because your main aim is to make an impression with your audience and master a specific snare drum. You can also have a set of these drums so that you choose what you need depending on the situation at hand.

Let The Drums Roll!

Snare drums are some of the most important instruments that any drummer can use, which makes it vital that you choose yours carefully. You should never be in a hurry when making the perfect choice, take time to look around. Consider vital factors such as the dimension of the drum, its depth, and the material it is made out of.

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