Understanding Your Hardwood Floor

There is so much to consider when picking the right hardwood floor for a home. It all boils down to the design, durability, quality, color and the finish. With this said, you have enough options to make the right choice. Finding the right company to work with might be tough, but you can work with individuals that are focused on helping you end up with the type of floor you desire.

The Color

Light wood, dark wood, and black wood are all options you will come across while seeking the right hardwood for your floor. You might opt for thin planks, wide planks or handcrafted designs to suit the layout you want. These are some of the factors you ought to think through when choosing the color scheme.

The design comes into play when deciding the theme of the floor. You can get designers that can shape anything into the hardwood floor. The designer can use lines, object shapes, and any other design to come up with a unique theme. You can decide to go for a shiny finish or a plain one depending on your preferences.

The Climate

The climate comes into play when it setting up the hardwood floor for your home, whether for a new install or an upgrade. A wrong climate might cause the wooden planks to warp. Exposure to sunlight in an extreme way can cause the wood to discolor or fade.

The Team

When picking the people to set your floor in, you need to make sure you get the right one for you. It is better to have a team that takes time to do the job to your liking than teams that will end up doing the work in a short time yet end up with a shoddy look.

In the event that the hardwood floor starts to look weathered or worn out, you need to have it refinished. You need to choose the right team for refinishing or recoating as well. Proper recoating or refinishing the floor gives it a new shine, albeit a new lease of life.

Durability Matters

The lifespan of hardwood is incomparable to any other floor type. Tiles can break or chip easily while a stain on the carpet can spoil the fibers. Installing hardwood gives you an assurance over staining, while its high resistance to chipping or breaking eliminates frequent maintenance.

The Wood Type

There are a wide variety of hardwood floors that you can install in your home. Before you choose the best, consider the pros and cons of each. Let us look at the most popular types:

  • Prefinished hardwood

These floors are easy to cut into size, making installation easy. You can choose from a finish and wood grain that matches the theme of your home. This is among the easiest to install in your home.

  • Unfinished Hardwood

Just as the name implies, you get unfinished hardwood that you have to manually handle after the installation process. You need to do the sanding, buffering, and coating. This takes time and labor, making it inconvenient for the homeowner who is busy.

However, this type is ideal if you need to customize the floor to your liking. You can invest in this floor type if you wish to sell the house soon. You can give the new tenants the benefit of creating their own custom floor theme.

  • Solid Hardwood

This wood is solid and very hard to install and remove. These come in form of strip, planks or parquet. Make your choice.

  • Engineered Wood

This is made of multiple layers of veneer that are glued together using high-adhesive glue. The glue and multi-layer design makes them sturdy and durable. You get to enjoy the features that each layer of veneer provides. Choose this wood if you want to use it in an extreme weather setting.

Your Role

You have a role to play when it comes to having the perfect hardwood flooring. One, you need to keep it clean. You can do this by heading http://vacuumseek.com/best-vacuum-for-hardwood-floors/and getting the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Secondly, you need to make sure the floor is well maintained and in tip top shape. Use padding to protect the floor from dents arising from furniture and other sharp items.

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