Top 5 Expert Tips for A Perfect Pressure Wash

Whether you stay in a rented house or you are a homeowner, pressure washing gives you better results than washing your home the usual way. With a huge number of pressure washing machines on the market, it becomes easier and faster than ever to pressure wash different areas of your home including the deck, patio, and driveway. However, just like any job that involves a technical component, you need some knowledge to handle the washing successfully, lack of which might result in a shoddy job, or bodily harm.

1. Stay on The Safe side of Things

This machine uses electricity to run and might pose considerable danger if handled the wrong way. Additionally, a clean wash comes because of the high-pressure water stream that can cause injury and damage property if not handled as per instructions. The cleaning detergents can also be harmful to your eyes, which is prudent that you wear eye protection.

When triggering the sprayer, make sure you are keen on where the nozzle is pointing.  Make sure there is no one in front or around the area you want to clean. Be careful when handling vulnerable areas such as screen enclosures, doors, windows and overhangs because the high pressure might damage such areas.

If you are washing the driveway or the patio, take notice of the direction the wind is blowing. The wind can turn the direction of the spray right at you or into the face of your child.

Never pressure wash with bare feet because the high pressure can strip the skin directly off your feet. Therefore, protect your feet by wearing gumboots or an old pair of shoes. Furthermore, never try to gauge the strength of the spray using your hands. Doing this will injure your hands.

If you are pressure cleaning a wall, make sure you protect the finished drywall and electrical outlets. You can do this by taping plastic sheets to the lower part of your walls.

2. Understand How Far the Machine Can Go

Know when you have to give up and try a different cleaning approach. Some stains will not come off the target surface no matter how strong the pressure is. Some stubborn stains include oil, rust, fertilizer and acorn stains.

If you plan on pressure washing oily or greasy areas, you should use a hot water pressure machine. The hot water emulsifies the grease so that the high water volume will carry it away. Using a cold-water machine hardens the oil and makes it stick more, making it harder to remove. If you don’t have a hot water machine, add a hot box to your cold water pressure washer. The installation is simple and converts the cold washer to a hot washer instantly.

Don’t be tempted in hooking a cold water pressure hooker to the hot water line in your home. This is because the gaskets and seals used for the cold-water pump aren’t designed for high temperatures and start to decline quickly under hot water.

3. Know the Distance Between the Nozzle and the Surface You Are Cleaning

Make sure the gun is between 6 inches and 12 inches away from the cleaning surface for the best results.  Use long side-to-side sweeping motions akin to using a spray-painting gun. Using this technique minimizes skipping as you clean. It also uses less detergent and water and makes the cleaning faster as well.

4. Take Extra Care When Using Chemicals

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using chemicals to clean a surface. Never put acid or bleach in your chemical injector. The chemical tip works together with the O-ring. You need to, therefore, check and confirm that the O-ring is perfectly fitted before you insert chemical tip. Don’t attempt to continue with chemical washing if the O-ring is missing or in a bind. Reason is the chemical might end up spraying back into your face. For extra protection, make sure you wear eye protection when performing pressure or chemical washing.

5. The Ultimate Tip: Use the Right Tool

You need to have the best pressure washer for your needs. Each machine is rated depending on the pressure it produces. The pressure is calibrated in pounds per square inch (PSI). Choose the machine depending on your routine cleaning tasks. If you have heavy cleaning tasks on a daily basis, you need a machine with high PSI. If you are seeking a pressure machine for a total noob, you need to start with a low PSI and move up.

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