The Perfect Way to Spend Your Summer Days: How I Get Through Those Heat Waves!

Summer DaysSummer is a time to enjoy, especially if you live somewhere that only becomes warm whenever that season rolls around. When you live in places like Texas or California, you’re not really surprised when it’s hot outside. If you live in Canada or anywhere else that doesn’t get to be warm the entire year around, it’s a blessing in disguise. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with all of the extra time I have during the summer months as well, because I’m currently a student. I’m going to school to become a teacher, so even when I get into my career, there’s going to be free time during the hot months.

I don’t think about the summer as being an escape, since I’m somewhat fond of the winter. I used to ski as a child, so that’s probably why I prefer the snow over a hot and sunny day – many people wouldn’t agree with me in that case! You’d probably take Cuba over Alaska any day of the month, where as I might have a tough time doing that. You may think I’m crazy now, but when you look at how I spend all of my time away from work, you probably won’t question my methods. Don’t judge somebody until you’ve seen where they come from, and that’s the case here as well! Without summer, many people wouldn’t get a much needed break from winter, so there’s a lot to be thankful for. If you want some tips on how to go about using your time during the months of heat, check the rest of this article out.

Wash Your Home!

Wash Your Home!I’m a simple man, and if there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a clean house. I rent a house with two other students myself, but it’s still our duty to keep things as clean as we can. I have a tendency to start spraying the outside of our house with a hose, so much so that one of my buddies went out and bought us a pressure washer (I now owe all of my house washing gifts to Wash Wisely – thanks for that!). It works way better than a hose, and it can get off the dirt that’s really stuck on the outside panels of your house. The outside of your home can say a lot more about the inside than you give it credit for, people might think you own way too many cats if you’re not keeping stuff in check.

Wash Your Car!

As you can tell, cleaning stuff is almost my number one priority. If you don’t live a clean life, are you really living life at all? Well, probably, but it’s a dirty one at best! I’m not a germophobe or anything, I just take pride in my car (as well as my home). I have a 2010 Dodge Charger that’s completely paid off, and I managed to pay it all off by my own means. I didn’t need help from my parents, so it’s almost like washing my pride – wouldn’t you do the exact same thing? I’m sure there are some readers out there that polish trophies on a consistent basis, so I’m not too worried!

Wash Your Dog!

If you have a dog, giving them a bath can be one of the most bonding experiences you’ll ever go through. I have a pit bull myself, and he’s one of the nicest dogs you’ll ever meet. He loves people, and he loves being pet just as much as any other dog around. If he’s not busy trying to get some love, he’ll nudge you until you’ve given him the attention he craves (and deserves, of course). When I give him a bath he doesn’t even squirm around, he actually enjoys it quite a bit – so it makes thing a lot easier on me. I don’t have to worry about holding him down the entire time!

There you have it, a few ways on how you can go about spending your summer days. Are they practical? Probably not, but like I said, I work a lot and don’t really have time to live an exciting life.

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