The future of laser engraving

When people visualize laser engraving they often think of a warehouse containing large bulky tool based machines. This would be a true visualization. However, revolutionary technology means that it is possible to engrave with a much smaller device. The introduction of handheld laser engraving devices makes cutting and engraving a much easier process.

Handheld laser engraving machines can be operated in many ways. It is common to operate these devices with USB connection Wireless marking system can be operated by Bluetooth connectivity or smartphone applications

These compact, lightweight and portable device offers the opportunity to work outside of factory

As this device is handheld and lightweight it means that it is portable and can be transported easily. Not only can it be taken anywhere it can also be operated from virtually anywhere. As most of these devices are wireless and connected by Bluetooth connection or a USB connection linking it to a computer where it is operated by a software programme. Some devices can even be operated by smartphone apps.

Feasible to work remotely makes it an ideal selection for a freelancer or someone that wants to work in different locations as opposed to tool based machines that have to stay in one location.

An added benefit these devices have when working remotely is that they are flexible and ergonomic. Therefore the device can be easily positioned and used at any angle.

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Operates at a higher speed compared to tool based machines

A benefit of this handheld device is its speed. It has a high-speed scan that will allow the operator to engrave and complete work faster than other laser engraving methods making it a more time-efficient choice.  A handheld laser engraver also engraves with higher quality engraving making it an ideal choice for engraving detailed graphics on small surfaces.


These devices are a lot cheaper to buy than large tool based machines. As the handheld laser machines evolve a non-contact process when engraving this will mean there will be no wear and tear on the device, ensuring it has a long operational life. This means there will be little maintenance costs required which will save you money.

Routine cleaning is advised to keep the machine operating smoothly

It is important to note that routine and preventive maintenance will optimize the performance of your laser. By taking a few minutes to do this maintenance work it can prolong the service life of your machine. All of the important electronics of the laser are located on the inside of the machine. Therefore the routine maintenance will be limited to the external cleaning of the engraving area.

It is very easy to keep your laser system running at optimum performance proving you keep it clean from dust and clutter. How often you clean your device depends on the type of material being engraved. However, it is recommended to clean the device at least once per week.

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