The benefits of crate training for your dog

Crates are often a touchy subject among dog owners. Some people believe that they are cruel confined spaces to keep an animal. The rest can see the good points of using crates as effective modes of transportation on journeys. From experience most of the people that are anti crating have never actually used one for their pooch, thus cannot see the benefits of it. There are many positive points of using one. The most important issue is safety.

Lack of training may cause distress

It is not enough to get the crate, put your dog in it and set off on your journey together. Your dog may not fully understand why it has to get into the crate. This lack of understanding could result in it becoming very distressed. As a result, it may be very difficult to convince your pooch to get into the crate and to stay there. Finally, after 30 minutes of discussions and dispute, you have somehow got your beloved friend into the crate. But it is not happy to stay there. It is moving around frantically, whining and barking in a frantic distressed way. Do you think this would be good for the dog to be like this for the whole journey? It will also cause you to be worried about your pooch’s state of wellbeing. There is a solution that will have the dog to go into the crate and stay there peacefully.

Let the training begin

Giving your pooch crate training is the best way to alleviate its fears and stress of using the unfamiliar area. When done properly it allows you to effectively manage your dog by preparing it for traveling by crate in the future.
Training will start of by introducing the dog to the crate. This is simply done by placing treats or its favorite toys inside the crate. This encourages the dog to enter the crate spend a short time there and freely walk out as it is left unlocked. This approach allows the hound to become familiar and comfortable with its new surroundings. Gradually they will be able to be left longer in the crate and eventually with the door locked.

The next step

Once the training is complete the dog should feel comfortable enough to get inside and stay in the crate on its own accord. The crate should be a familiar place by now and should even have the dogs scent inside it. This familiarity should lower your best friends stress levels when traveling making the journey a more positive experience.

As you can see, it is not enough to buy the crate without giving your dog the necessary training beforehand. The proper training is necessary so it can enjoy the experience and turn the crate into its cozy den. Remember to firstly introduce the dog to the crate with the encouragement of treats and toys. Then acclimatize it to the crate by gradually building up the time spent in there. Once the dog has become acclimatized to its environment it will allow both the dog and its owner to travel comfortably with less stress.


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