Reasons to Shave With an Electric Shaver

Every single morning when you get ready for work, do you keep wondering why you aren’t shaving with an electric shaver. Obviously, if you already own one then you don’t have to worry about this. However, for those of you who are wondering why you haven’t switched to an electric shaver, you’re about to find out the reasons why in a little bit you will be heading over to Manly Matters to learn all about them. For now, though, here are the most compelling reasons to switch to an electric shaver.

No More Shaving Cream

Be honest for a second, what’s your least favorite aspect when it comes to shaving? Most likely, more than a few of you think it’s the hassle of dealing with shaving cream. It’s not like its rocket science, but it can be messy and annoying to clean. However, with an electric shaver, you completely eliminate that annoyance. With a standard razor, if you shave without shaving cream (not counting shampoo or conditioner) you are almost guaranteed skin irritation. This is not the case with an electric razor as they are designed for a dry shave. Of course, you can still use an electric razor with shaving cream but you don’t have to anymore.

It’s Faster

In many ways, this reason goes hand to hand with the previous one. In general, shaving with an electric razor is faster than any other alternative. Think about it for a second? You don’t have to worry about cleaning up excess shaving cream and water, or constantly cleaning off the blades to remove excess hair. Also, they provide the most efficient shave so it won’t take you very long. All in all, when you get up every single morning at 6:00 to shave you want it to be as fast as possible.

Cheaper in the Long Run

It’s funny because when you compare the price of a standard razor to an electric razor, you would think that you are saving money with the former. However, if you think about it, in the long run, this will not be the case. Sure, electric razors are not cheap and many standard razors are. The kicker is the longevity of both types of razors. If you invest in a high-quality electric razor, it can last you a long time. For example, if one lasts you five years think about how many standard razors you would have to buy in that timeframe! Over time (also considering the money saved from not purchasing shaving cream), your wallet will be thanking you that you made the switch.

Minimize Cuts and Nicks

Another question for you, raise your hand if you have ever cut yourself shaving? If your hand is down right now, then you are a pathological liar (or you have only been shaving for a little while). No matter how many years you have been shaving, the risk of cuts and nicks is always possible when using a standard razor. However, for the most part, you can almost eliminate the chance of this happening with electric razors. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, they provide the safest shave possible. Feeling manly matters, and what better way to achieve that then knowing you are immune to razor cuts?

More Control for Facial Hair and Your Wife Can Use It

There are probably a number of you that don’t shave to eliminate all of your facial hair. On the contrary, you may only want to completely shave certain parts while only grooming others. With an electric shaver, you have much more control for grooming specific sections of your facial hair. For example, if you were looking to trim your goatee but completely eliminate your sideburns. This can be quite challenging with a standard razor (at least the trimming aspect) but is not an issue with an electric one.

At first, it may disgust you to envision sharing a razor with someone else. However, you should know that if you have a wife (or girlfriend) she can use an electric shaver to shave her legs. After all, you did marry her so you shouldn’t be grossed out by this! So, both of you can end up getting significant use out of it. This will save even more money in the long run as both of you can use the same razor.

There is no way that you are not convinced yet. If you aren’t, then you are only kidding yourself. For those of you who fall under this category, see how annoyed you are of shaving with a standard razor at the end of the week. Chances are, you will invest in an electric shaver in no time.

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