Sleep Better Today: A Look at the DreamFoam Memory Foam Topper



Whether you are taking a nap or going for a night’s sleep, you need ultimate comfort in the right environment to enjoy the sleep. The hassles and bustles of the day always leave you tired at the end of each day, which means you need to sleep well. Today we look at a mattress topper that you need to pay some attention to, and if possible give it a try.

There are two kinds of mattresses that will make you think of sleeping on the coach – the extra firm mattress and a worn out mattress. A worn out mattress is similar to the stiff one because both will leave you with aches and pains all over and little or no sleep at all.

To Persevere or Dispose Of?

Many people in such predicaments think that everyone is undergoing the same stress as they are but it is a lie. Many people that have discovered the secret of sleeping comfortably are busy sleeping their way through the alarm. You don’t have to buy a new mattress because this will mean you spend more money that you haven’t budgeted for.

The secret to enjoying your sleep in such a situation is to buy the right mattress topper. Finding the best mattress topper was never this easy. You don’t have to hop from one mall to the next in search of the topper; it is just a tap away.

Today we look at the DreamFoam Memory Foam Topper and tell you why it is great and why it isn’t so great.

The Pros

    1. The construction adds some comfort and durability to this topper. Made of 2-inch thick memory foam with gel swirl incorporated, this topper will glide over your mattress and add the comfort you need to increase the sleep quality immediately. You can use it on a new, still-firm mattress or with an older one whose lifespan is about to end.
    1. You can get the topper in different sizes depending on the size of the mattress. This gives you a choice when it comes to buying the topper, making sure you get a topper that will fit snugly on the mattress.
    1. The design is in such a way that the topper literally “sucks” you in and forces you to be comfortable. You will struggle against your will to get out of the bed, and you will forget about the aches that you have been experiencing sleeping on your standard mattress.
    1. The material used in the design doesn’t lump up or get ruined even after a wash. The material is soft yet sturdy to assure you of a perfect night’s sleep.
    1. The design is ideal for patients suffering from back problems. The soft yet firm consistency makes it easy for you to get the perfect sleeping position.

The Cons

    1. The topper is just 2 inches thick, which makes it seem not to be able to handle regular sleeping for ages.
    1. Far from the hype, the foam doesn’t contain any gel foam, meaning it won’t retain and disperse heat as it is expected to do. You might not enjoy the cooling feeling that you expect from the topper.

The Bottom-line

This is a great topper that adds the extra comfort you need to enjoy your night or a nap. Take time to select the right size for the kind of mattress you need and fit it on your mattress. The good thing is that even without the gel material, this topper isolates movement which is a great thing if you are sharing your bed with a fitful partner.