Pressure Points and Your Back – What You Need to Know

If you have ever spent a considerable time in bed, maybe when sick and unable to wake up, you know why it is critical to have the best mattress to support the pressure points in your back. You might have slept in a bed that is too soft and woken up feeling pain in the lower back, or you have spent the whole time tossing and turning as you try to sleep.

Whatever way you wake up in the morning, it is important that you have the right mattress to support your body without leaving it sore. This might seem like an impossible task but a look the Best Mattresses for Back Pain (2018 Edition) – Free Your Spine tells you this is a task that is manageable. Everyone has a level of softness or firmness that they find comfortable to sleep on, but the reality is that each mattress needs to have a few requirements to be able to cushion the pressure points properly. The mattress ought to do all this without breaking the bank.

Body Weight and Sleep

While sleeping, especially during REM sleep, your muscles all slacken, meaning your body weight rests entirely on the mattress under you. You aren’t supporting yourself in any way so that your body can rest.

Instead, your body weight presses against a few areas of the body, which take most of this weight. These points differ slightly between males and females. For females, the weight is centered on the hips while for men the weight is focused around the shoulders. If you are sleeping on your back, regardless of gender, the weight is focused on your hips, heels and shoulders. On your side, the weight focuses on the hips, knees and shoulders.

How the Wrong Mattress Affects the Pressure Points

No matter the sleeping position  you prefer to sleep in, the bulk of the weight rests on the shoulders and the hips, which in turn press into the mattress. If the mattress is too firm that it can’t support the pressure points, you sleep badly and you have to maintain the tension in order to support the weight. This is where the right mattress comes in.

A mattress is ideal if it supports the sleeping style and allows you to sleep for long without affecting your pressure points. The mattress should also be soft enough but not too soft to push the pressure points deep into the mattress.

If your pressure points sink too deep into the mattress, it leads to misalignment of the spine, leading to back pain and stiffness of the pressure points.

The Role of Your Mattress

Your mattress ought to push against the weight that your pressure points support, allowing the weight to push in while offering proper support. This allows for proper sleep. The mattress should handle this role for a long time without giving in, making the need for durability a necessity.


Once you understand the various pressure points and the role they play in proper sleep, you will choose the best mattress for your needs.

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