Jerry & Jamal Having Fun at the Construction Site

It had been a funny day with so much going on that it was just totally hilarious. I could hardly believe how much was taking place, and I laughed my guts out all throughout the day and when driving home from the construction site where I have been working very hard every day on a major project of building a mansion for some banker with a foreign accent that had more money than he knew what do with.

Jerry had a cousin from Jamaica visiting, whom he told me was from a remote village in Jamaica and did not see much of modern society until he came down out of the village. Now he had flown on a plane for the first time in his life and had told Jerry and I over lunch at the construction site that he had loved every minute of his flight and thought he had a chance of falling in love with the stewardess and setting up a good life for himself at her place once they married.

Jerry and I gave each other a startled gaze at each other, knowing full well that an American stewardess was not going to just pick up with some guy from Jamaica the first time he boarded her flight. Jerry and I both chuckled and we both realized that the cousin Jamal was none the wiser about our chuckling, not realising what we were chuckling about; because Jamal himself was a jovial guy who was always bursting out in gleeful laugher himself in general.

Jerry and I decided to have some fun with Jamal and acted liked this thing with the stewardess was serious after we almost died of laugher as we began to choke on our coffee that we were having with our sandwiches that we had picked up at the deli across the way.

So I said, “Jamal, so things are really serious with you and that stewardess. Well, how is she going to contact you to keep up the relationship or how are you going to contact her?”

Then Jerry asked, “Yeah, Cousin of mine, did she give you her address and her phone number or something; or did she ask for yours?”

Jamal beamed with a smile and explained, “She would not give me her phone number or address, probably because she did not want the public to hear it. She said she was very busy, but promised to look up my information in their computer system.”

“Oh, I see!” Jerry laughed, but lightly because he wanted to keep teasing with Jamal this way, since it was

so funny that Jamal took it in good stride but was really still not realising they were teasing him and that they were sure that the relationship would never fly.

Things turned to the fact of Jamal being enamored by the mansion that Jerry and I were building. Just before that Jerry had whispered, “Not all people from Jamaica are as unique and as simple as my cousin Jamal.” We chuckled again, not to be mean to Jamal, but in a good natured sort of way because Jamal really was a pleasant guy to be around.

I answered Jamal and said, “The house is for a banker with a foreign accent.”

Jamal said, “Oh, a banker with a foreign accident? What kind of accident? I feel bad for the guy.”

Jamal had thought I had said accident instead of accent. He was so funny and not even trying to be, which made the situation all the more funny. So I took time to explain I had said accent. But he still did not get what I was saying, since his English was pretty good, but not perfect. I just smiled and we moved on to him talking about his new stewardess girlfriend again.

I asked him, “What if you do not like the house where she is living and can’t stand to live there?”

He beamed with pride and said, “Then I will just have to build her a nice big house like this one.”

Obviously Jamal had no idea how much the house actually cost to build and that he would likely never have that kind of money to build such a mansion, but I gave to him my new power drill that was only a few weeks old and said, “Well, Jamal, congratulations on your new romance and here is a new power drill to help you with building that new house for the girl you have fallen in love with today. For information about this power drill go to”

Jamal’s eyes shone with pride as he said, “Thanks. This is a very nice tool.”

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