Home Security Cameras – What You Should Know

You’ve watched a movie or news clip where a security camera helps bust a burglar and, thanks to the images captured by the camera, the thief is finally apprehended and brought to justice. The truth is, when used correctly, security cameras can play an essential role in deterring burglaries and theft.

But, even as you seek to improve security in your home or business premise, you need to understand that different security camera work differently, and you’d better choose the right one to get the desired results. What follows is a rundown of few pointers that will help clear some common misconceptions about surveillance cameras and role in security.

Most Security Cameras Won’t Do What You See in the Movies

You’ve probably seen a cop on the investigative drama CSI zoom a distorted video, press the keyboard a couple of times and all of a sudden, the suspect’s clear face appears.  In another scene, a security camera barely catches the back of a vehicle. Then, a cop, using a computer somehow manages to get a clear image of the vehicle’s plate.

Make no mistake about it, some cameras have, but they are quite expensive. Some major police departments don’t have such cameras. The point is, when buying a home security camera, be realistic with your expectations because what you see on the movies and shows is somewhat exaggerated.

Wireless Cameras “Have Wires”

Don’t get confused to think that by buying a wireless surveillance camera, you won’t run into wires. Even though wireless cameras are easy to install, they still come with a power cable. So, when shopping for your camera, remember the term “wireless” means that the camera transmits video signal wirelessly.

Avoid Cheap Video Home Security Cameras

You most probably want to save a buck or two when buying your camera. Nonetheless, be on the lookout for cheap, bundled video solutions that are available just about anywhere. Such solutions may not be compatible with your current home security system, and the quality is significantly low.

Hidden Cameras are Good, but You Need to Know a Couple of Things

Hidden cameras are designed to resemble something else, such as a smoking detector for instance. However, the primary aim of installing a home security camera is to deter thieves and prevent burglaries because people don’t want to be caught “in the act.” Therefore, when you hide a camera, you lose that benefit.

Get Professionals to Install Your Cameras

Okay, you can mount the camera on your own. But, if you have to previous knowledge, you’re better off hiring professionals to do the installation on your behalf. Did you know, for instance, that you need to hire a plumbing and heating company to ensure that the there are no leaks or exposed wires that can interfere with the functionality of your surveillance cameras? Speaking of which, be sure to visit www.ecoheatplumbing.co.uk to learn more about EcoHeat, a heating and plumbing company operating in Balham South West London and discuss how they can help prepare your home for security camera installation.

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