Four Perfect Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

You get to save a lot when you purchase a knife set as compared to buying the knives independently. There are so many choices to pick from, making it a hard task for you to get what you need in a very short time. Owning a quality knife set assures you several years of great culinary experience. These knives come at different prices, today we look at the top knife sets that you can get under $100.

1. Cuisinart 15-piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

This set comes with all the required knives to prepare a variety of meals since each knife has a distinct task. The set comes with a hollow handle block for proper storage. These knives have high carbon stainless steel blades that allow for perfect cutting.  High carbon also assures you of durability of the blades, which will barely chip. This steel is also compatible with a wide variety of sharpeners. The handles are made of polymer, a plastic material that is heat resistant as well. The handles are contoured and studded to give you a firm grip.

2. Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged 18-Piece

This set blends style and functionality. The blades are made out of high-tensile stainless steel, which is tough and resists staining, pitting and rusting. The handles are made from poly material to give a solid grip. The knives in this set make use of taper grind technology that makes sure each edge stays sharper for longer. This set consists of 18 individual knives including a chef knife, steak knives, stainless sharpening steel, a peeler, parer and bread knife among others. Each knife has a specific task to make sure you have all you need to perform cutting tasks in the kitchen.

3. Ginsu 04817 International Traditions 14-Piece Knife set

With Ginsu, you are sure that you are getting well-designed, sharp and beautifully balanced kitchen knives. This Japanese company claims to make the knives according to the tradition followed when making Samurai swords, assuring you that you are getting a top quality knife set. The knives use high quality carbon stainless steel blades. The set gives you a boning knife, chef’s knife, utility knife, a set of steak knives, a boning knife, Santoku, paring knives and kitchen shears.

The blades come with serrations on both sides meaning that you don’t need to sharpen the knife before use. The serrations make the knife ideal for both left and right handed users. The handles make use of three rivets for extra strength and durability. The package comes with a block that is designed to fit both modern and contemporary kitchen decors.

4. KitchenAid 12-Piece Stamped Delrin Cutlery Set

A chic design, comfortable handles and extra sharp blades define this cutlery set. Choosing this set opens a completely new world for your culinary experience. You can now perform various cutting tasks you never had access before – filleting, chopping and slicing. This set features stainless steel blades that are naturally durable and rust-resistant. The blade is also resistant to chemical reactions. The handles use a poly plastic feature that is non-slippery and ergonomically shaped to allow for a firm grip. The set comes with several knives including a paring knife, shears knife, slicer, chopper, steak knife and chef knife. The blades are sharp and instantly functional. You can clean the blades the normal way using water, but you need to desiccate them to retain the sharpness.


So, you feel you need a complete set of knives under $100 and which won’t let you down? You won’t go wrong with any of these sets, which are manufactured from durable material that will last you ages. You can use the buying guide from to find the best kitchen knife set for your culinary needs.

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