Best of the Best, Standing Out from the Rest

Everybody enjoys the occasional break from the tones of an electric guitar, in favor of the deep and melodic combination afforded by an acoustic-electric guitar. And, for several decades running, the leading name in the world of hybrid guitars (am I allowed to call them that?) has been Yamaha. No other brand name has become so indelibly or universally associated with electric or acoustic-electric guitars. Even people who don’t generally listen to music know about Yamaha; think about that. It’s iconic in American pop culture in a way that few other things have ever been, in any niche.

There are a lot of Yamaha guitars out there – in fact, there are multiple product lines for Yamaha’s acoustic-electric guitars alone. So, what makes for the best Yamaha acoustic-electric guitar? My colleagues and I spent several hours researching popular blogs and affiliate review websites looking for the answer; let me be the first to tell you, there’s a lot of material out there. It feels as if everybody and their mother has a guitar website.

It took a long while, but – based on an established series of criteria – we believe we’ve done most of the legwork for you, in narrowing down a few top choices for Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars. We’ve come up with a list of three, out of the many models which are available, which we feel best represent the fullness of Yamaha’s incredible potential. Each of the three options below was selected for a variety of reasons, which will be individually clarified.

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V

This beautiful electric guitar is eminently suited to being on this list. Not only does it stand out in terms of form and style, but it is consistently rated by its past buyers as being an amazing guitar for beginners. It’s apparently easy to use, relatively affordable, attractive, and melodic; all in all, it combines most of the qualities that one might immediately think of when evaluating the value of a guitar, and it appears to do so in some abundance. People who buy the Pacifica series are almost universally happy with it, though a few do express the sentiment of feeling as though they eventually “outgrow it” and want to move on to something more robust.

Yamaha Acoustic-Electric FX325

The FX325 honorably maintains and upholds Yamaha’s long tradition of excellence, particularly that as which stands universally behind every acoustic-electric guitar produced by the manufacturer. Part of this lies in Yamaha’s worldwide utilization of an international network of designers, developers, and craftspeople: their guitars are never simply manufactured from start to finish in a single shop or factory. Rather, they take advantage of the services of the best facilities and individual contributors which they company is able to find, before each separate piece and part is finally assembled into a completed whole of which they feel like they can be proud. This commitment to excellence really shines in the rich and melodic sounds of the FX325 and other Yamaha-brand acoustic-electric guitars.

Yamaha Acoustic-Electric FX370C

This truly exceptional acoustic-electric guitar offers a one-way preamp system and a cutaway body. The sounds it produces are almost otherworldly, combining the best of both worlds in a perfect hybridization of acoustic and electric tones. It simply doesn’t seem to incorporate a lot of the negative, if anything at all. This has been called by some – including by Yahama themselves – the “best guitar for experiencing music,” and we’re honestly inclined to come a significant way towards that ourselves. Its sound quality is excellent, robust and clean, while its acoustic elements leave it producing rich and deeply melodic tones. At the same time, the F370C is affordable. This is one instrument offering outstanding playability, at every level of musical experience, plus the added flexibility of having built-in electronic enhancement.

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