6 Great Careers That You Can Do From Home

The internet has completely changed the way that we do everything. We are going online to compare prices and see where we can find the cheapest options for what we need. We are using the internet to find the best contractors to do various home improvement tasks that we need. It has even changed the way that businesses are marketing and advertising themselves. It has even given people a wide range of new options for their career track.

Freelancing is a whole new way to go to work and it is because of the internet that we are able to do it. There are a lot of different career tracks that people are able to explore on a freelance basis. Here are 5 ways that people are freelancing from home.

1. With the explosion of the internet and what it is doing for businesses, freelance writing is becoming a great freelancing career. There are a lot of different types of writing that companies all over the world need to have done for their sites like blog posts, social media posts, news articles for news sites, and copywriting. There is something out there for every type of writer.

2. Photography is another freelancing career that creatives are exploring. They have websites for their business, such as Blue Bend Photography has created, and they are fielding their own clients and working on projects that they want to work on. Some even focus their skills into a specialized niche like wedding photography or family photo shoots.

3. There is a whole industry that is centered around social media. A lot of companies are hiring people as freelance social media managers to handle all of the social media accounts for their company. It is the type of thing that is much easier to outsource than it is to hire a new employee to take care of. Some social media managers are really carving out a wonderful career for themselves in a fledgling industry.

4. There are even jobs out there for freelance tutors and teachers. Teachers and tutors are finding work online working for sites that do ESL classes for foreign speakers, home-schooling sites, and college tutoring needs. These sites are going to require a little bit more education, like teaching certifications, but when teachers and tutors are looking to supplement their income, it is a great option for them. Some are even able to find full-time income teaching and tutoring solely online.

5. There are even freelancing opportunities out there for virtual assistants. People who have experience as personal assistants, administrative assistants, or office managers are able to find opportunities to be a virtual assistant via the phone and internet. Their clients are able to communicate with them what it is they need and as long as it can be done on the internet or over the phone, they are able to get it done for them.
6. There was a day when call center jobs required people to go in and sit in a giant office with a bunch of other people answering calls. With the internet, these jobs are able to be done on a freelance basis from the comforts of a person’s home. They are able to do the same jobs from their homes that they would do in an office.

People are amazed at what types of opportunities are out there when they take the time to look. It is not a far-fetched idea to think that whatever your career may be, could be done on a freelance basis. Programmers, app developers, marketing professionals, and even nurses are able to find opportunities with their skills on the internet. Working as a freelancer is a great way to do something different, but it does have its’ downfalls as well.

No matter what your job is, it isn’t all peaches and cream. Freelancing can be difficult. You are finding your own clients, managing your own tax information and accounting information, and trying to make sure that you are being productive enough to make it worth it. One of the most difficult parts about freelancing is that when your home is your office, you are never able to leave work at work. It is something that you want to make sure you do all of your due diligence, so you have all the information that you need to make the best decision for you.

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