10 Things to Know Before Taking Your First Boxing Lesson

Ready to put on your gloves and go for a good old boxing workout? Well, before you do that, here are 10 things you need to know about boxing before you take your first lesson.

It’s much less daunting than it sounds

Boxing is much more than just knowing how to fight. When you find the right gym, you’ll get a supportive and welcoming environment to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives through boxing. In your first lessons, there’s no expectation or pressure to enter the ring. Fitness is an individual journey, so you should pursue excellence and not compare yourself or compete with anyone else.

Your arms aren’t going to bulk up

Don’t worry that your arms are going to bulk up. Good punching technique involves full movement of the body, so boxing will work your entire body. Strong legs, back, and core are all vital for boxing. When learning boxing, you’ll also learn plenty of agility movements and plyometrics, as well as aerobic and anaerobic workouts, giving you than toned and lean physique you’ve always desired.

Your hands will not become sore

Your body is going to be extremely sore the next day, especially after you attend your first class since things will be new to you.

Many people experience soreness in their upper traps and shoulders in particular. Despite this common assumption, however, your hands shouldn’t be sore. As long as you punch properly, the power will originate from your entire body so your wrists and hands won’t be sore.

You’ll really make friends

Boxing remains a niche workout, so making some friends at the studio should be easy, especially if you connect. It’s very important to connect with others so you can go through the battle together. So, hold your mates accountable and let them do similar for you, so you all can prevail together.

Wear well-fitting clothes

Since you’ll wear gloves when working out, it’ll be difficult to adjust your pants during class. Put on workout outfit that allows you to comfortably more around, whether you’re jumping, lunging, punching, or performing the daunting burpee. Also expect to sweat a lot. In fact, one workout can burn 800-1000 calories. Bring a towel and lots of water to re-hydrate after a tough workout.

It’s best to come early for your first lesson

For your first lesson, be sure to arrive about half an hour early. This will spare you the stress and headache of finding the studio or parking. And above all, it gives your boxing trainer the chance to properly get you ready for your first lesson, which should include choosing the right gloves for you, wrapping your hands, and learning some boxing basics. Wrapping your hands prior to boxing helps make sure you’ve got the right support and padding while punching. This will not only protect your wrists and knuckles but also make you feel more official.

It needs presence –avoid distractions

Boxing is a very demanding entire body exercise, but it’s a technical skill set as well. With so much happening at the same time, get rid of all worries, stresses, and distractions so you’re fully present in it. Practicing this can help you slip into the zone—where you can burn fat and relieve tension.

You’ll jump rope…lots

Jumping rope is essential to boxing conditioning as it requires foot and hand coordination. Your feet and hands need to work together and coordinate. In addition, it’s an effective way to speed up your heart rate. This is why most boxing lessons begin with a warm up involving jumping a rope.

It’s banana or nothing else

It’s recommended that you not exercise on a full belly. It restricts the flow of blood to the muscles and your movements won’t be as powerful or effective. If you really need to eat something, opt for some pieces of watermelon or a ripe banana. This should give you an energy boost without a heavy stomach.

It’s incredibly uplifting

Boxing is an incredible sport. When you start learning boxing, you’ll love how empowered it makes you feel. There’s something special about wearing gloves and knowing how hard you really can hit that makes you feel like you can do anything in this life.

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